• Monty Bennett

    Henderson County, Texas

    Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board at Ashford Inc.

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  • Monty Bennett, the Founder, Chairman, & Chief Executive Officer of Ashford Inc., is known for his expertise in the hotel industry and his success in managing valuable assets to improve his portfolio and those of his investors. He advises two real estate investment trusts: Braemar Hotels & Resorts and Ashford Hospitality Trust, both listed on the NYSE.


    Bennett's primary focus is making strategic investments that grow the businesses he partners with while using the same governing principles for all decisions. However, he tailors his approach based on the speciality of the asset. For instance, Ashford Trust predominantly invests in full-service, upper-scale hotels, while Braemar Hotels specializes in luxury hotels and resorts. Under Bennett's direction, there are over 26,000 rooms between the two trusts.


    Bennett's consistent leadership and commitment to ethics, innovation, profit, engagement, and tenacity have allowed Ashford Inc. to establish an excellent industry reputation. He believes in providing meaningful options to his investors, enabling them to hone their strategies based on the available properties.


    Before founding Ashford Inc., Bennett started Remington Hotels in 1989. The hotel is known for its exceptional hospitality, supporting a community of passionate people. Bennett's leadership style ensured that everyone had a voice before significant decisions were made, and he gave weight to his employees' ideas to be heard. His openness drove a high-performance culture that enabled people to build their careers at the company while strengthening his portfolio.

    In conclusion, Monty Bennett's successful career history and current role as CEO of Ashford Inc. demonstrate his passion for the hotel industry and his commitment to investors and employees. His leadership style, values, and expertise have enabled him to establish a strong reputation in the industry for excellence.